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Nowadays, more and more students are looking for assistance with writing assignments of various types. Essays are one of them. Through the great number of platforms, some people prefer UKEssays that offer writing help. The company claims to satisfy the need of pupils and students to get the papers done. In the following article, will be overviewed to conclude whether it is worth paying attention to.

Prices for the services

All the prices for the service are not mentioned on the website of the company. But they start from £124 for one thousand words. The price list depends on various factors such as time of delivery, subject, and difficulty of the topic, number of words, and other things. To get to know the service’s specific price, it is necessary to fill in the form mentioning the details. It is important to mention that half of the payment should be paid at once, while the other one will be necessary when the paper is prepaid. It seems there could be a problem in case of the necessity of money return when the person is not fully satisfied. This is due to the fact that half of the payment is made at the very beginning.

To add more, it is not available to get all the data about payment methods through the website that is not convenient for the users. So the section with prices is not satisfactory in the case with

General quality of the services

Thanks to the presence of samples, everyone can evaluate the level of quality of papers. There are essay examples of various types and subjects on the website, so it is possible to see the level of proficiency and professionalism of writers of UKEssays.

To evaluate the quality of the papers of ukessays we decided to place an order ourselves. We asked for an essay in econometrics that should have 1500 words, about 4 pages. The deadline for the writer was a week. The price for such an order was £209. Firstly, the papers were delivered only 10 minutes before the deadline, which may be not enough for checking. It was free of plagiarism, but unfortunately, there were various mistakes with punctuation and grammar in the essay. That is why we are not fully satisfied with the quality of the service.

Payment process

Unfortunately, no one can find what payment methods are available on The only thing that is obvious is that it is possible to pay using a bank card. Once you decide to get a paper done, there is a need to pay half of the sum for the writer to begin the work. It is the absolute condition of the platform.

What guarantees the platform has

It is said on the website that Ukessays provides various guarantees for the clients to be happy and pleased.

  • Uniqueness of the works. It is said the writers take care of each document guaranteeing they are free of plagiarism. Ukessays guarantees a cut of payment if the paper has plagiarism.
  • Meeting deadlines is a must. In case the document is delivered later, no payment is charged for it.
  • High level of quality. The professionals do their best to meet all the requirements and expectations of the clients. It is said there should be no mistakes in the works.
  • Following the standard. Academic language is used to ensure the paper is written in the appropriate way. Each paper is checked many times to make it as cool as possible.

Process of order placing

Filling in the form is the first step. Here it is required to mention the country of study and desired product. Then the client is supposed to pick the subject with a grade as well as the deadline. After these steps, there will be a price mentioned on the right. Then go on with payment. Complete half of the sum for the writer to begin the process. The rest of the money is required to be paid after the document is received. So the payment process is quite convenient.

Online Reputation

Unfortunately, the users are unhappy with the service provided by UKEssays. It has a poor reputation, as there are lots of negative comments about it.

Many clients are disappointed with the level of quality. They say the paper does not meet the expectations and requirements that is why the desired marks are not received. Additionally, there are some issues with the uniqueness of works and the price for them.

After reading numerous reviews, it becomes clear why the reputation is so low.

Pros and Cons of the service

Like any company, UKEssays has lots of pros and cons having an influence on the opinions about the service. Pros

  • Easy navigation
  • Simple ordering process
  • Good guarantees of the company.


  • Customer service is not great. Due to the specific hours of work, it is impossible to get instant around-the-clock support.
  • The service has too high prices.
  • Bad reputation and dissatisfied clients.

Verdict about UKEssays service

Unfortunately, the assistance of UKEssays is not satisfactory. It has various problems making clients disappointed with the level of work and the service in general. There are some issues with customer support; the level of prices is high, while the quality of the essays is not cool enough. It is better to use the checked companies with a high reputation to avoid problems.

FAQ – answers to the most common questions

Is UKEssays useful for students?

No. This company has many bad reviews and the general reputation is quite low. So this service is rather useless for students.

Is a mark for an essay guaranteed?

Unfortunately, the company can’t guarantee this or that mark. Moreover, since this service has a bad reputation, you may expect a rather low mark.

Is it possible to get money back?

In case the client is not satisfied with the provided paper, it is possible to ask the company to get the money back. In such a case, there is a need to contact customer support providing all necessary details. Then the request will be analyzed, and the company will contact the client.

Are the orders placed only via the website?

Yes. The company doesn’t take orders in other ways like phone, email, etc. There is a must to place an order online.

How to place an order?

First of all, fill in the form with the details about your paper. Mention the deadline, the topic, and the subject. Then you need to pay half of the sum, and the writing of the essay will be begun.

How to pay for an order

To pay for an order, you are supposed to fill in the form and pick one of the available payment methods that are the most suitable for you.

Are all the papers of UKEssays unique?

Unfortunately, no. Many reviews showed that the writers provide non-unique papers too often.

Could someone get to know a person who asks UKEssays for help?

Thanks to the company’s policy, full anonymity is guaranteed. That’s why no one can know who asked for this or that paper. So the client should not worry the university will get to know it too.

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