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Killerpapers Reddit users always say that this writing company is very social. It not only has accounts in different social media but also can be proud of a huge number of followers. For example, this team has more than 800 followers on Twitter. So it’s no surprise many students consider such achievement as something very important.
But it doesn’t mean is reliable. It means it invested a lot of money in online marketing. Today we will discuss another side of this company. We will clear up the quality of writing services.

Paper prices

The charge for a simple essay for a high school starts at $22, and you will need to wait for 5 days. If you need something more urgent, for instance, a paper in 24 hours and with more complicated requirements than a standard essay, then be ready to pay $28 and more per one page. Such a pricing policy doesn’t seem to be affordable.
We made a test order to see how the starting bid can rise. So the requirements were simple: an informative college essay with the longest deadline. The killerpapers price starts at $25, and the highest offer was $32 per page. Such pricing is very high, even if you can apply for an additional discount.
Besides, the official website doesn’t offer customers any discount. You can be a new user or a regular client, but don’t expect a bonus. This is quite sad but not the worst thing about

Content quality and unicity

Well, our test order was an informative essay, and this is how we received it. After the request was made and submitted, we received several bids. To make our experiment as fair as possible, we chose an author with the middle price. So in several days, we received an email that an essay is finished, and it could be downloaded.
The first problem appeared when the option to download an essay didn’t work. Whether it was a mistake or a normal thing, but such an issue caused unpleasant consequences. We started to communicate with team support, waited several hours, and miss our deadline. When we have finally opened a file with the essay, it looks too simply to be written by a high-quality college writer.

Payment options

Comparing to other writing services, the killerpapers team also has a particularity. And unfortunately, this is a negative particularity. The website announced that they accept only payment with cards. It could be credit or debit but no PayPal or electronic wallet. Frankly speaking, it shocks because it causes lots of questions about the company’s trustworthy.
No one expects the writing team to accept cash. But it would be great to have at least one additional payment option.


Killerpaper reviews insist that ordering papers there is a reasonable choice. Here are the main warranties you will receive:

  • – only legit and legal services;
  • – native English writers;
  • – fair prices with fixed conditions.

The FAQ at their official website also explains that the company belongs to the KP Trust Pledge so we can trust this company.

Make sure to check the best essay writing service reviews and other reviews for more writing services and compare them to find the best one.

How to Make an Order?

According to the bidding system, making order at maybe a little longer than you expect. So you need to explain your requirements and let writers analyze it. They will offer you a price. You will receive a notification via email. If you agree to pay such a fee, then you accept the proposal and let your author work.
Notice that it is impossible to make an order without registration. The website will ask you to log in as a user or as an author. So if you have an urgent assignment, you should hurry up to make an account before placing an order. Also, you will wait for getting offers, and only after you choose an author, the work will start.

Online Reputation

It seems like has many positive reviews on the web. People keep thanking this company for great papers, but our experience wasn’t so positive. It took a long time to find out how much is a paper on killerpapers cost. So there is no insurance you can trust all reviews on the Web.

Pros and Cons

Basically, has many disadvantages than advantages. Among benefits is quite a simple website with an intuitive interface. This is a really good design for newbies. But the list of disadvantages is much bigger:

  • – paper quality is not excellent;
  • – there is no plagiarism-free report;
  • – you may have issues with downloading the file from the dashboard;
  • – communication with team support is very slow.


If you need a writing service, then find something better. The isn’t your best choice. There are too many issues you may face during your potential cooperation.

Need more recommendations? See our expert-pick of the Grabmyessay review.

FAQ: Real answers to the popular questions

Who are the writers from killerpapers?

It is said that only professional authors can join this company. They must have recently graduated from college or be an upper-level student. That’s why the company insists all papers will be written in an appropriate format.

Does killerpapers team perform an assignment for foreign students?

Yes, a great part of customers are students whose native language is not English. As they study at universities, they must prepare the same tasks as other students. That’s why they need assistance in writing, and provide them with it.

Can this service cover a unique subject?

Yes, there are writers of different specializations for any topic. You can order paper in Religion, English Science History, Philosophy Business, and other branches. Thanks to such a wide array of topics, customers can order any kind of paper in one place.

Are these services legal for an average student?

Yes, you don’t make any illegal steps if you cooperate with You can read the full story of the company establishment at the official website. The owner explains that it is a part of KP Trust Pledge, so you can trust this company in your writing issues.

Can I order my online classes?

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t find such an offer on the official website. The company explains that they don’t perform the completion of online coursework. Instead of such paper type, you can order any kinds of essays, scripts, speeches, presentations, etc. So if you still need to make an online class, you must seek another platform.

What does a bidding system mean?

Killerpapers agency belongs to bidding systems with an exact price. It means that authors at this platform can set a price they want you to pay. As a result, the price you will set will be a minimum sum to pay. Make sure you start with a smaller fee and have an opportunity to increase it for attracting more writers.

Can I pay with my PayPal?

Unfortunately, no. doesn’t accept PayPal. The only payment option you can use is your card. The company accepts both credit and debit cards. So use your banking information to make a payment.

How to hire a writer for an urgent assignment?

The procedure of hiring a writer for an urgent paper is the same as traditional. The customer must start by filling the order form. If you are not registered at the website yet, make your personal account. Place your current email and password. When your account is ready, you should log in and explain all particularities of your urgent paper. For example, the type of assignment, deadline, and so on.
Then submit your order and wait for bids. If you don’t want to waste time waiting, then set a higher price so writers will be interested in your order.

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    I feel sorry for my wasted time. My argumentative essay looks like an informative essay. This is not what I’ve ordered! I want my money back because the writer didn’t perform my requirements.

  • Jenny Lane

    If I order a paper from a professional writer, I expect the perfect result. Why should I make revisions on my own? Your services are a total scam because you don’t finish a task and don’t return the money. I’m very disappointed.

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