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Pricing 0 is one of the most well-known names for students in the essay writing industry. So we will not be surprised if you have heard about them or even used their services. They have a quite friendly interface, and their site is very appealing. They surely have done a very good job on their site. But what about their services? This is something that interests us most of all. We had no doubts this service had to have tons of reviews while they have been in the market for 11 years now. But we were really surprised when we found out that Grademiners is a part of a Ukrainian company WritePerfect LTD. Interesting, huh? Let’s see whether they provide high-quality services to English-speaking students.

Prices and discounts

Wow, Grademiners pricing policy is interesting. We cannot call it a cheap writing service while the minimum price per page is $14.03. Please note that most services ask only $10 per page. So their prices are above average and are really high when it comes to high academic level and short deadlines. If you request a Ph.D. level, your price will already be $53 per page. Our simple high-school essay that contained just one-page cost almost $43. This is unbelievably expensive. Can students really afford their services? We doubt that a lot. And we did not even ask for additional services, such as the list of sources or a plagiarism report, for example. In that case, you might pay 130% more than it was initially. So if you can afford it, go ahead, but we believe that an average student would rather write his paper on his own. You can use Grademiners promo code to get 10% off your first order. But even these 10% off won’t save the situation.

Quality of papers and qualification of writers

Taking into account their prices, their quality is quite bad. Can you expect the best quality at such a cost? We bet this is what you expect when paying such huge amounts. However, a Ukrainian company that writes papers for English-speaking students is hiring mostly Hindu writers. They might be fluent in their English, but they are not natives and should take at least twice less money than they do. A high school level essay is more or less, ok. But students who order college level or higher complain that the quality is terrible. Grademiners scam is simply unbelievable.

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Payment options accepts such payment options as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Their payments work fast, at least MasterCard payment. We also believe they are safe.


Grademiners claims to provide the following guarantees:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Original papers
  • Partial money-back
  • Editing

Necessary to admit their customer support really works 24/7, but we do not think they can claim to guarantee great quality because they simply do not give it. As to a money-back, they do not provide full refunds. You can only ask for a partial refund, and this procedure is quite complicated and time-consuming.

How to Make an Order?

To order your essay with Grademiners, you should go to their Order section and pass a procedure of filling in all the gaps and providing all the details about your paper. Provide your contact details and make a payment. That’s it. Wait for your paper on the date you selected.

What people say?

Grademiners reviews on different sites are really different – they vary from the most positive to the most negative ones. We should have believed Grademiners Reddit that said they are not a reliable service. We don’t think that Grademiners cheating happened; however, their quality/price ratio is terrible, and their prices are unreasonably high. We can believe now that at least half of their positive reviews are simply fake.

Pros and Cons


  • Great site
  • Vast number of payment options
  • Discounts
  • Customer support


  • The lowest quality of papers ever
  • The most expensive paper writing service
  • Lots of fake reviews
  • Hindu writers instead of natives


Is Grademiners legit? Yes, it is while it has been operating for over a decade; however, it belongs to a Ukrainian company. This company hires Hindu writers and sets up the prices as if the papers are written by Oxford professors. Due to unreasonably high prices and poor quality, as well as doubtful reputation, we cannot recommend to anyone.

If you need more detailed instructions, then see our step by step guide on Ultius reviews.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about

We bet you have a lot of questions to wonder about this writing service, so check out the most popular questions about them, and you might find the answers to yours.

Is Grademiners a legit writing service?

Yes, probably, they are legit, but we cannot find any confirmation of this. Moreover, this company is a part of a Ukrainian company. So, a Ukrainian company provides essay writing services to students from English-speaking countries.

How much will my paper cost?

This writing service is the most expensive of all we have ever met. Just a high-school essay containing as much as one page might cost more than $40. Their minimum price for one page is more than $14, and this is the highest price in the market. We believe their prices are unreasonably high. If you take additional features, you will have to be ready to pay a double price.

Do provide a refund?

Yes, they claim to have a refund policy, but they do not return your money to the fullest. You can get a partial refund only. It will take a lot of time for you to get it, though. They do not even have a separate money-back policy. You can only check this information in their Terms and Conditions.

Do they have customer support?

Yes, they offer 24/7 customer support. It really operates 24/7 and is quite friendly. But they are not very responsive when it comes to your claims and complaints, especially when it comes to a refund or editing. They are ready to reply presale questions only, but solving your issues with them is almost impossible.

What payment options do they accept?

They accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Unfortunately, there is no PayPal or Neteller. However, the range of their payment options is wider than that of many other services in the market.

Do they offer any discounts?

Yes, they offer 10% off your first order. But this is really not much taking into account their prices. It looks like their prices are exaggerated on purpose to offer that discount. But even after getting your 10% off the price will be higher than the prices of other writing services without any discounts.

Who will work on my paper?

They claim to provide assistance from highly professional writers who are native English speakers. But it is a proven fact that almost all of the writers are Hindu. Even though they might live in the UK or USA, they cannot write the paper of the same quality as a native English speaker. And this affects the quality of the essays a lot.

Do they guarantee grades?

No, they do not guarantee your grades. Moreover, their writers can write only high school papers more or less normally. But the rest – college or Ph.D. papers are of a poor quality that says their writers are not qualified and maybe even some students searching for extra profit. Such papers won’t bring you higher grades than C or D.

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  • Cindy

    I have always thought that high cost means high quality, but I was very wrong. I got a terrible admission essay, and I should not explain my life literally depended on it. It cost me a fortune, but it was written. I do not even imagine who. I just decided to find another service quickly and got a perfect essay within a couple of hours. Total waste of money and time!

  • Miquel

    Even though I am not a native English speaker, I live in the States for several years now and am not stupid. I still can see the errors in my coursework and understand that the writer didn’t even try to follow my requirements. I don’t recommend it.

  • Daisy

    My paper brought me my B grade but OMG it was so expensive! I do not think I will afford to write my paper. Here again, there are lots of other services that can give the same quality at a much lower cost.

  • Milena

    My writer seemed to be ok. My paper had some shortcomings, but I asked to improve them, and in some time (although it was a bit long), they did it. My grade wasn’t the highest, but at least I didn’t miss my deadline. I think the quality varies from one writer to another.

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