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Full overview of EssayUSA.com

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Being busy with studies, students and pupils are searching for various types of writing assistance. Some of them ask friends and relatives to help, while others prefer professional websites with great writers who know what they do. Through the variety of services, some people choose EssayUSA.com. Let’s see whether it is worth paying attention to reviewing the platform’s strong and weak parts.

Prices for the services

Talking about prices, it is important to mention that there is no specific table where it is possible to see all the prices. There is a calculator allowing to get to know how much the client should pay. Everyone can choose the level of studies, for instance, undergraduate.

The minimum sum for it will be $12.65. The writer will prepare the document within 2 weeks, and the volume of it will be 1 page. Thus depending on various factors, the price will change. Thus the bigger the volume of the paper, the bigger the sum to pay. As well as the quicker the client needs the prepared assignment, the more money it will be required to give. Unfortunately, the prices are high enough, so not everybody can afford them.

General quality of the services

The best way to check the level of service is to make an order. Thus we did it ourselves. The assignment for us was an essay of two pages for college. For such a document, we had to pay $23.

The essay was delivered on time, and we had it after 14 days of placing an order. There was no problem with uniqueness, but still, we found some mistakes in the paper. Additionally, there was not that appropriate structure, and the essay lacked some crucial facts. So is the website worth paying attention to? It is a decision of yours. If a really high mark is required, it is better to search for some other options, as being a client of it might cause some problems.

Payment process

When the person decides to become a client of EssayUSA.com and order a paper, he/she is required to go through the ordering process. The first step is to create an account if there is no such before. Then provide all the data and log in to the account. There on the account, it is available to place an order motioning all the details. It is pretty easy to ask the writers for help and get a prepared assignment quickly.

What guarantees the platform has

To ensure cool service, EssayUSA introduces some guarantees for their clients.

  • Top service is a must. The website claims to provide amazing quality papers to satisfy the clients and meet all the requirements and expectations.
  • Affordable rates. The writers provide the clients with great documents of any type for a rate that the students can allow.
  • Assistance at any time. Thanks to the around-o-clock work, the client can ask for help each time it is required. Thus it is possible to contact the service in the morning as well as at night.
  • All assignments at once. The platform deals not only with essays but also with many other types of papers and assignments.

Process of order placing

To place an order, the first step is to open a site of EssayUSA.com. Then if the client doesn’t have it. Then when the user’s logged in, it is possible to place an order. There is a need to provide all the information about the assignment with a deadline, type of paper, and other things. Then pick a method of payment and go through the payment process. Just after the moment the service is paid, the writer will begin the writing of the task.

Online Reputation

The website has a good reputation rather, but still not all the clients are happy with the provided service. Some people insist that the paper’s level of quality is not satisfying enough and that there is a problem with the English of the writers.

Pros and Cons of the service

Like any other service, EssayUSA has its own pros and cons that create a general impression about the website. Pros

  • Cool guarantees. People are attracted by rather good features provided by the website.
  • Easiness of ordering process.


  • Not high enough level of quality. Some clients are not satisfied with their assignments and insist they got not the desired mark, but a lower one.
  • High prices. Not everyone can allow the level of rates they writers take.
  • Mistakes in documents. Not only we have found some mistakes in the ordered paper, but also he reviews of the other people claim so.

Verdict about EssayUSA service

Unfortunately, EssayUSA service is not clearly perfect. There are some issues with the level of service and the website in general. So in case the clients expect to get a really high mark, it will be a good choice to search for some other platforms.

FAQ – answers to the most common questions

How can EssayUSA help students?

Many students are busy with lots of tasks. EssayUSA claims that they can cope with any challenging writing task. However, as it was mentioned in the review, this service have some problems with delivering quality papers.

What is the purpose of EssayUSA?

It is a website aiming to provide writing support for the students and pupils. The client just requires to create an account and then asks the writers anytime it is necessary.

How to pick a reliable website?

When you are searching for writing assistance, pay attention to various factors. One of them is the quality of papers. Each document should be free of plagiarism and be delivered on time. To add more, the service should have professionals who are experts in their fields and English native speakers.
A cool website should have a clear policy guaranteeing attractive conditions and having reasonable prices. Refund policy matters, so pick those sites having it.

Are the papers of EssayUSA unique?

The website claims each document is free of plagiarism because it is created individually by the writer and not taken from other sources. Yet, many customers claimed that this company was accused of plagiarism.

Is it possible to ask for college papers?

Sure. The service could provide assistance with any type of task, so does college papers. Yet we recommend to check our reviews and choose more reliable service.

What are the reasons to use services helping with papers

First of all, all writing services have the main purpose that is to ease the life of students. Asking for assistance saves not only time but lots of nerves. The websites make sure students have free studies in the evening and good marks, making them happy.

Can anyone get EssayUSA assistance?

Any student or pupil looking for writing help can become a client of this service. It just requires some simple steps. The first one is to create an account, in case you don’t have it. Then provide all the data about your order and make payment.

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