Bid4papers Overview: let’s find the truth / Bid4papers Overview: let’s find the truth

Bid4papers Overview: let’s find the truth

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For each student, it is important to cope with the tasks and get high grades. But the amount of assignments is huge, and dealing with them is challenging. So, to manage homework, students address online writing services. is another essay writing service. It claims to provide top-notch and best quality papers to meet the needs of students. But the company has a mixed reputation. Its users treat the service differently. So, is bid4papers cheating on its customers? Let’s find it out!

Prices and special offers

The system of pricing is very confusing, and it can discourage the user from continuing to work with the service. Bid4papers prices are built on the bidding system. So, you place the order, and then the writer receives the task. Now it’s your turn to choose the most suitable price. The good thing about the website is that bid4papers cost varies, and the user can find what is most suitable for him/her.
In general, the prices for the papers are high. If you need a paper with a 24 hours deadline, you will need to pay about 30-50$. But if the timing isn’t that rigid, the bids can be lesser.

Quality of the papers & services

Many users agree that bid4papers scam operations can be true. The quality of the works isn’t that good. The developers assure their customers that the quality of their services is great, but the users themselves object to it. They say that the papers are inconsistent. Mistakes of different kinds occur in the texts, and it harms the overall character of the text.

Payment options

Unfortunately, the company has a few payment methods. This is what dissatisfies the users. To pay for the papers, you can use only VISA cards or a PayPal payment system. Users agree that this isn’t enough for smooth and problem-less cooperation. But is bid4papers legit in terms of payment? Many bid4papers reviews show that the online writing service is completely legit when it concerns money or payment issues.

Guarantees for the users

Bid4ppapers has been on the market for several years, and it has developed specific guarantees to make a cooperation with the users better. So, what are the guarantees for the users?
• 100% refund policy. There are two options for users. You can ask for a full or partial refund for the order. If you pay the writer at least some money, you can’t take them back. But if you cancel the order before you pay, you will get a 100% refund.
• Customer support. The support team leaves much to be desired. The company doesn’t have an instant chat so that the users don’t get the responses instantly. For this reason, many of the customers consider bid4papers Reddit.
• Delivery. The delivery issue isn’t consistent. Some users complain that they didn’t get their orders on time. They say that the service was quite inconsistent and didn’t worry about the timing.

How to Place an Order?

The process of making the order is regular. It has nothing special. First, you go to the website and find the form to fill. Here you fill all the necessary information to help the writer understand what you need. You can also add some additional instructions and then choose the author. If you don’t bother about the writer, there is a service that can choose the writer automatically.

Reputation on the Internet

Bid4papers reputation on the web is controversial. On the one hand, the users are quite content with the services and come back for more. On the other hand, there is an abundance of negative feedback about People complain about the quality of the papers, the timing, and the general communication policies with the users.

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Benefits and Costs

The situation with is ambiguous, and it’s necessary to define the pros and cons of cooperating with the service.
• The service is safe, so you don’t have to worry about the money you pay for the papers.
• If you are an Android user, you can download an application. It will make the process much easier.
The website, however, has considerable drawbacks.
• Customers support bad. You need to wait for a long time to get the answer from the writer.
• The services don’t have a clear refund policy.
• The prices are considerably higher than at other online writing services.
• offers a bidding system when it isn’t convenient for most of the users.


To sum it up, is a regular online platform to manage academic papers for students. If bid4papers is the only choice for you, use it. But if you have the alternative, it is better to seek for the company with greater quality services and a better online reputation.

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FAQ: find answers to the most asked questions

Can I choose the writer for my order?

The system of choosing a writer is quite strange. It is not convenient for many users who want to place an order. The bidding system is what the company uses. It means you place the order, and then the writers offer their price. When you see the price, you choose the most beneficial variant for you. So, you can choose the writer, but first, learn the method to do everything correctly.

Will I get an original paper?

In short, the company guarantees 100% original texts in the end. In practice, the situation is different. The originality of the paper depends mostly on the writer. If the writer takes your task seriously, you will get an authentic paper. But there are cases when the users get texts that can’t pass a plagiarism checker. Nevertheless, the company says it creates the papers from scratch, and you can still get a low-quality and plagiarized text.

Does work with professional writers?

On the website, you can find the information about the writers. In short, the service tries to introduce their writers to their interests. You will find the info about their degrees. You will also see how good they are on various subjects. But if you order the text and assess the final paper, you will see that the proficiency of many writers is fake. So, be careful when placing an order.

Can I get a discount?

If you go to the website and decide to place the order, be ready to pay a lot of money. The price that suggests is high. For a regular student, this is an enormous sum to pay for the paper. For this reason, the company provides different discounts. You can save some money if you learn the info about special offers on their website. But learn the information carefully. Some discounts can be confusing.

How does the support team work?

The support team is supposed to answer the questions that the users have. But the reaction of the managers should be prompt. As a user, you may have urgent matters, and have no time to wait. Unfortunately, at bid4papers the writers don’t hurry to help you. Users complain that the waiting time takes too long. You can get professional help, but are you ready to wait for hours?

How can I place the order at

If you are new to the game and order the paper for the first time, the process may seem weird for you. As we have already mentioned, the company builds its processes on the bidding system. Therefore, you will choose the writer, depending on the pricing they offer. So, first, you fill all the important information. Then, you need to wait for offers. The system isn’t difficult to understand. But for some users, it is unusual and causes inconvenience.

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  • Scott G.

    The service is awful.
    If you need a service to write the paper for you, choose something else. I ordered a paper for my university assignment. The writer missed the deadline! Their support managers didn’t solve the issue. Not going to use the service anymore.
    Better look for an alternative!

  • Michael

    I ordered the paper. Everything was OK. But when I handed it in, I was shocked and upset. The paper didn’t pass the plagiarism checker. I just wasted my time and money!

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